Since when Bespoke Contacts has been operational?
SMARTe Inc. has been in business of building customized contact databases for their clients since its inception from 2006. Bespoke Contacts is product of SMARTe Inc. which provides Sales and Marketing Intelligence via SaaS (software as a service) delivery model.
Which techniques are used for data aggregation?
Our proprietary technology solution aggregates data from variety of public and private sources including corporate websites, tradeshows, conferences, user groups, publications, associations, news releases, annual reports, technical papers, list directories, communities, social networks, blogs, job/career portals and search engines etc.
Our web research team, will then cleanse, normalize and enrich the data in our proprietary platform prospect data management. In addition, our contact center and language experts will augment data gathered with accurate information.
Isn’t sharing the business contacts violating the privacy policy?
Sharing business contacts is not a violation of privacy because unlike personal information (your home address, home phone number, personal email address) and behavioral information (what websites you’ve viewed, what products you’ve purchased), business information isn’t private. Businesses depend on being able to efficiently contact each other for further commerce.
Do you provide facility to integrate with CRM systems like ‘Salesforce’, ’MS Dynamics’ or other marketing automation platforms like ‘Marketo’?
Currently, we do not have facility to integrate with either ‘Salesforce’ or other CRM systems like ’MS Dynamics’. But we intend to support this in future releases. However, the current version has an option to provide your custom delivery format while submitting the project brief. Thus, you can seamlessly import SMARTe data in to your CRM or marketing automation platforms.
How do I get started creating an account?
Registration Activity is a two step process 

Step 1 : User Signup 
You will first need to complete user signup process. 

Step 2 : Account Activation 
If you plan to subscribe for Freedom edition you will be directed to Account Signup page to complete your

Registration process.
If you wish to go for Subscription edition, after the user signup is complete you will be contacted by our Sales team to discuss the contract details. On completion of contract signup, Sales team will create your account which will need to be activated by you to complete the registration process.

How do I go about requesting a Free Trial?
Once you click on Free Trial, it will take you through a User Signup process. Once your User account is created you will be contacted by our Sales team.
What benefits I can expect in moving from “Freedom” edition to “Subscription” edition(s)?
There are relatively more benefits in moving from Freedom to Subscription like:-
  • Pricing discounts
  • Accelerated timeline allows priority deliveries
  • Phase out data requirements and receive continuous stream of refreshed/validated data for real-time campaigns
  • Budget can be utilized across different users across the globe
  • Team collaboration
  • Freedom has one user per account whereas in Subscription, multiple users can be added to same account
  • In Freedom, payment/PO for the project amount is required upfront
  • In Freedom, the minimum payment has to be $5000, versus in subscription invoices are raised based on payment cycles agreed in the contractual agreement
Can I downgrade from one edition to other?
Downgrading from Subscription editions (Prime, Supreme, Enterprise & Ultimate) to Freedom edition is not possible. However, you can downgrade between Subscription edition(s).
How can I upgrade my edition?
If you are Freedom user, you have an option to upgrade to Subscription edition(s) on account dashboard.
If you are a Subscription user, you have an option to upgrade to next available Subscription edition(s) during account renewal.
Can I use trial version?
Yes. You can sign up on our free trial version. You can click on the link: Free Trial available on our home page
How will I be able to interact with you during tenure of my subscription?
Message Board is the mode of communication through which you can interact with various departments.
We have three types of Message boards: Sales, Finance and Project.
  1. Sales Message board (Only available to the account admin) - It can be accessed from Account Dashboard page (located on the right side of the browser).
  2. Finance Message board(Only available to the account admin) - It can be accessed from Account Dashboard page ( located on the right side of the browser)
  3. Project Message board(Available to both account admin and project owner) - Each project interaction and communication with Operations team will take place through project dashboard
How is pricing calculated?
Pricing is primarily based on 3 factors: Subscription, Project Region and Project Type. During project submission, additional factors that contribute to pricing are indicated while making selections on the form and the total project cost is updated for your review.


How can I refresh existing contacts and add new contacts from same set of companies?
We currently do not support this feature. For this, you need to submit two separate briefs.
Why do I need to submit target audience data when I am trying to submit a project to append/refresh contacts?
With target audience data, we try to analyze if there is any data that does not match with your audience profile. Based on findings, we can ask for your suggestion whether you would like us to refresh only those that matches your target audience or refresh entire data.
Am I charged for contacts replacements? If so, then why?
Yes, you are charged for contacts replacements because there is an additional effort involved in sourcing and validating these replacements.
Why can’t I edit my project brief after submission?
Once brief is submitted, you cannot edit project brief because Operations team needs to review the impact of change requested and hence it requires your interaction with the project manager on message board, based on what is agreed Project brief will be edited by a project manager and will be sent back for your approval.
I have brief spanning across multiple regions. How can I submit it as single brief?
Pricing is based on region groupings. Hence if you have a combination of regions, you can either choose to go for Global option or split your brief into multiple briefs across available regions.
What If small subset of data requirement does not fall in project scope region?
If small subset of your data requirements does not fall in project scope region, then you can select a region where most of your data belongs. You will be charged for remaining contacts as per that region’s price that is applicable at the time of delivery.
I want to upload brief details as an attachment? How can I do it?
No, we do not support functionality to upload briefs as an attachment. You need to fill in form details to submit a brief. If there is any additional data to be included, it can be added in ‘Additional Notes’ field.
I need companies having revenue range from $20M-$30M from agricultural sector and from beverages sector, I need companies having revenue range from $40M-$50M.Can I submit such mix of requirements in a single project brief?
No. You cannot submit a brief having different requirements at a sub criteria level. You need to split your requirements into separate project briefs.
What are unverifiable contacts? And why am I charged for the same?
Contacts which could not be verified on the phone at the last stage of our process in spite of our contact centre making multiple attempts(6 to 7 times) are unverifiable contacts. We include them in project delivery as we believe that these contacts are correct. We source these contacts either through web crawling or web research and are then validated through web research and our automated tools. You are charged for the same as phone verified contacts.
What if you deliver less than my project requirement? How do I get a refund?
SMARTe does not provide refund but you will get appropriate pro-rated credit for differential amount. The amount will be credited in your account for future delivery services.
How many countries do you cover?
We cover major countries over the globe. We cover all major regions in the world such as North America, Europe, Asia, LATAM and Russia, catering data across 185 countries globally.
Is phone verification done using clients name?
SMARTe uses multiple ways of phone verification. SMARTe seeks client permission for using their names during phone verification, in case, if client does not wish to reveal its name, SMARTe will do the verification as a 3rd party vendor for the client.
What if there is no option to select specific industry which I am looking for?
If you cannot find specific industry which you are targeting either in the industry browse tree or ‘Refined Industry’ list then you can add them by clicking ‘Others’ link and enter your Industry criteria in the text box provided.
I need clarity on selecting specific Target Audience Profile(s) as I need to discuss this with my team. How do I get this done?
You can click on the link ‘Download Title Variations’ to download the excel sheet where you will be provided with exhaustive list of audience profile with levels, functions and titles.
How do you ensure data validity through single opt in and double opt in techniques?
In single opt in, one time email consent is obtained, whereas in double opt in, we first carry out phone verification followed by an email confirmation. Additionally, we also maintain the recordings of the verification process as a backup plan for client queries(if any) up to period of 3-6 months.
What if I have pre-defined budget value for my data requirements?
In the Step 1:Project Scope/Volume there is an option available to define ‘Scope by budget’ where you can enter your budget.


I received an invoice for payment. What is this invoiced amount for?
If you have received invoice for payment then it could be because of following reasons:
  • If your periodic subscription payment is due (in case of a Subscription account).
  • If project delivery amount exceeded paid amount then you would be invoiced to pay the balance amount


What features are available in dashboard? How is this different from others?
Through Bespoke Contacts dashboard, you can view carry out project management and ensure efficient team collaboration. Other salient features of dashboard are:
  • Notifications about recent activities in account/project
  • Power of analytics: Intuitive display of patterns, graphs, reports and usage details about historical information
  • View payment history for different quarters
  • View project progress status
  • View delivery schedule of your projects

Terms and Conditions (Freedom & Subscription)

Terms and Conditions (Freedom & Subscription)

Can I reuse “Contact Data” for third party application?
SMARTe grants customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide right and license to use the “Contact Data” produced by Bespoke Contacts Service (“Bespoke Contacts”), solely for Customer’s own internal business purposes as described in a Service Order and subject to the terms and conditions of this

Agreement. Customer shall not :- 
License, sublicense, sell, resell, transfer, assign, distribute or otherwise commercially exploit or make Contact Data” produced by Bespoke Contacts available to any third party in any way. Modify or make derivative works based upon “Contact Data” produced by Bespoke Contacts Service. Create Internet "links" to the “Contact Data” produced by Bespoke Contacts Service or "frame". For the purpose of this Agreement, “Deliverables” shall include “Company Data” and “Contact Data” and any other ‘Information’ harnessed and provided as a part of the project.
What guarantee are you assuring for the contact information in terms of accuracy?
SMARTe warrants that, Services and Deliverable shall be provided in accordance with the timelines and specifications as detailed in the Service Order and at the time of delivery to Customer, the contact information provided as part of the Deliverables will be accurate as per the following table. Customer must give written notice to SMARTe of any noncompliance by SMARTe with the foregoing warranty for any Deliverables within (2) months following Customer’s receipt of such Deliverables. SMARTe will use commercially reasonable efforts to correct all such inaccuracies or replace with a new contact within thirty (30) days after receipt of timely notice from Customer. If SMARTe is not able to correct such inaccuracies or replace the contact, the fees hereunder shall be proportionately reduced.

Region Assumed availability of Phone Number, Job Title, Company’s Physical Address Accuracy for Phone Number, Job Title, Company’s Physical Address Replacement Guarantee within 60 days of delivery(on Phone Number, Job Title, Company’s Physical Address) Assumed availability of Email Address Accuracy for Email Address(on available data) Replacement Guarantee within 60 days of delivery(on email address)
North America 100% 90% 10% 95% 90% 10%
Europe 100% 90% 10% 80% 90% 10%
MEA 100% 90% 10% 75% 90% 10%
NE Asia, LATAM, Russia 100% 90% 10% 70% 90% 10%


What if I have more questions?
If you have more questions, click on Contact Us link. We will get back to you soon.